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In one report, we are told 152 million Nigerians live on less than 2 dollars and in another report, we are informed that 61% live below a dollar per day. We refuse to see this as a negative sentence.

We believe in our country and the creativity of Nigerians to invent products that serve the community, can be of value and can be affordable by all cadres in the country starting from the masses. N100 Market is the meeting point where solutions in products and services is available to all and sundry in every sense of the word

Minimum Cost

We provide low and pegged costs that benefits all in the N100 Market. The buyer has more spending power and the seller has more increased sales and volume movement.

Easy to Search

You can locate a preferred product so easily as long as it's available, the simple and easy way.


Our website is secure in both the back and front end. All your data and information are safe with us.

Our Mission


Our mission is to see a revolutionary movement wherein the average Nigerian invents and produces en masse products of value that becomes accessible in terms of purchase to all. We spend the naira and not entirely in comparison to foreign currencies. Our focus is our currency and what it can achieve amongst us.

And all things being equal, it can achieve more than we realise. We only need to help our compatriots see so. The N100 Market is where value meets massive affordability.

Our Vision


Our vision is to have an outlet in all 6 geopolitical zones of the country. We look to being the confluence and channel where young and old, rich and poor can be comfortable and return to their abode feeling rewarded because one made money and another had good value for the money parted with.

Our vision is to positively provoke ingenious abilities and stimulate inherent creative talents hitherto untapped and never have been harnessed


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